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Degree of Fine Arts, Diploma with honors im  subject area  Photography / media,

Master student with Christiane Hantzsch, Berlin / Prof. Stephan Schneider, Essen.

All photographic and video-technical projects are based on a clear humanistic approach. Socio-political work is devoted to topics such as freedom of the press, migration and ecology.  



Exhibitions / Installations / Exhibitions


Globale - Festival for Cross-Border Literature , Bremen

Video installation   "WE WANT THE TRUTH - THE WHOLE TRUTH"  


Alt St. Maternus, Cologne


Space Poetry in the Heine Haus with Durs Grünbein, Düsseldorf

and Sounds of the Vacuum - sound installation

Open studios with Hussam Al-Basam, Cologne

We will be changed

Coron archive

The coronarchiv is a joint project of the universities of Hamburg, Bochum and Gießen -

Powered by Omeka S.

PORTRAITS - Hellerau Photography Award, Dresden


IDENTITY - HOME (photography)


WE WANT THE TRUTH. THE WHOLE TRUTH ,  2 channel video sound installation,  Frankfurt a. M


Portraits of murdered and persecuted journalists

Space poetry with Durs Grünbein,  Stefan Linke

and  "Sounds of the Vacuum" © Joanna Vortmann, Braunschweig

additional Information:,  Dr. Marie-Luise Heuser

Sounds of the Vacuum 6 channel sound installation 2019

Inspiration from space,  Heine House Düsseldorf

Open studios with Hussam Al-Basam, Cologne

Utopia - The Not Place, Wiesbaden Photo Days,

Women's Museum Wiesbaden

WE WANT THE TRUTH. THE WHOLE TRUTH, 2 channel video-sound-installation,

Ewald colliery "ExtraSchicht" with TRUTH FIGHTER,  Herten

Portraits of murdered and persecuted journalists

Probably lost without a title, 3-channel video-sound installation,

Moltkerei workshop, Cologne

Sounds of the Vacuum, 6 channel sound installation , "Technical problems",

ONOMATO, Düsseldorf

Pool Aqua Soul, Viriditas Green Force and Spheres,  Alt St. Maternus Church , Cologne


WE WANT THE TRUTH. THE WHOLE TRUTH, 2 channel video-sound-installation,

Parliamentary breakfast in Berlin

WE WANT THE TRUTH. THE WHOLE TRUTH, 2 channel video-sound-installation,

Moltkerei workshop, Cologne

No Picture of God, Mariendom, Velbert-Negives

Bardo and Below Heaven, Ewald colliery "ExtraSchicht", Herten

WE WANT THE TRUTH. THE WHOLE TRUTH, 2 channel video-sound-installation,

Valletta, Malta

commemorate, Dreikönlgskirche, Dresden


between_rooms, Galerie des Kulturwerk, Aachen

On the way to art  Days of Art in Schwalmtal

Grünkraft-Viriditas, Arenberg Monastery, Koblenz

Essential Malta, Ewald colliery  "ExtraSchicht" , Herten

Unfurl, Verzasca Photo  Awards, CH  


Photographs -  The traces of man  Gallery of the Kulturwerk, Aachen

Homage to the forest, Drachenburg Castle Kunsthalle, Königswinter

Deep Photo World , Galerie Art, Cologne

WOMEN'S VIEW OF NATURE, Gallery, Düsseldorf

Utopia , Museum am Ostwall, Dortmund

FOREST PIECES, Mayor's House, Essen-Werden

Self- perception, Creative Quartier Scheidt'sche Hallen art space, Essen

deprive, video sound installation , Moltkerei workshop, Cologne


Identity, nomination Wiesbaden Photo Days and Exhibition, Wiesbaden


Homage , identity, CHECK, food

Utopia, nomination for the Free Art Association (FVK) and  Exhibition , food  

Utopia, open studio guest of Katrin Vester, Cologne

Traces, Art Days, Freiburg im Breisgau

Green Curtain, Park am Eden, CH-Rheinfelden


Homeland identity ,  FKT, Bochum

Behind the scenes, hands, Arenberg Monastery, Koblenz

The radiant legacy, (Repro.) Bürgerzentrum, Cologne

Self-assessment, nomination for the Essen Promotion Prize (VzKW) and exhibition, Essen

Juri member


Essen sponsorship award  

Awards / grants


1. Prize winner Essen Promotion Prize , FVK, Essen


Werkstipendium, the Onomato artist association and cultural office Düsseldorf

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